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Now that we've let this page lie fallow for a few months, its rich loam will beget some serious crops: wit, humor, keen critical observation, and overworked metaphors.
     Ah, who am I kidding? I think it's clear that both Claude and I are experienceing bloggy burnout. She stopped working on vodka catatonic months ago, focusing instead on her LJ (which boo, but only because I hate the template-based layout compared to her beautiful handmade one at VC). I'm posting to the main blog once a week at best, and my heart hasn't been in it for way too long. This site was a pipe dream from the start.
     Still, I'm not giving up. The great thing about blogs is that you can just leave them until you're ready to pick them back up. In the meantime, I'm gonna try to create a clever diagram that charts, over time, a blogger's attitude towards her creation, frequency of posting, number of readers, and some other variables. Stay tuned.
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Comments from Foolish Amateurs:

dude. i'd be interested in seeing that chart.

i think it's okay to lose interest. i mean, it sucks for me because i'm your biggest fan!! but i'd rather have you post infrequently and have it still be magical (and you DO still bring the magic, you know) but rare, like a unicorn, than something you do because you feel OBLIGATED. because, you know. hallmark hasn't made blogposting an obligation. yet.
# posted by Blogger tuckova : 11:14 AM est  

believe it or not, it is hard as SHIT to make a template that's even halfway-decent in LJ, and it's 'cause it's all engine-specific stuff like LASTN_CURRENT that confuse the figgedy-fuck out of old-skoolers such as myself, and i just annoyed the shit out of myself (again) with this comment, but anyway i updated the LJ and it is pretty
# posted by Blogger claude le monde : 6:14 PM est  

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