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Statement of Intention
For a long time I didn't write here, and one reason was that I felt like I would deplete my limited supply of creative mojo, which I needed to reserve for my main blog. It may sound stupid, but when you're feeling uninspired, like I was for a long-ass time, you don't want to take chances. I was like a major-league baseballer on some kind of superstitious kick, attempting to break out of a slump by chewing the same lump of Skoal for a month, punching the bat boy in the nuts before every game, or washing my hair with Mad Dog 20/20.
     The Good News Part One is that I'm feeling more inspired nowadays, enough that even if I did have to draw material for both blogs from the same mojo well, I could actually do it -- for a little while. But more importantly for creative longevity, (i.e. Good News Part Two) is that I remembered that the whole, like, founding concept of this blog is dialogue, specifically with my beloved homegirl Claude le Fucking Monde!
     What this means is that I'm not drawing muse juice (oh, grody. I wish I hadn't typed that. It's totally gross.) ahem, I'm not drawing inspiration from the same source for both blogs, monologue and dialogue being like pie and cake: totally sweet but totally different. And I've got some seriously hot issues to discuss with you, Clawdad. But let's let the arguments wait until tomorrow. Instead I'll start with an axiom: you rock harder than a 500lb grandma on the porch.
     I'm sorry I've kept everybody waiting all this time. Readers: sharpen your pencils and take good notes; there'll be a short quiz next period.
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Comments from Foolish Amateurs:

Any chance Lil' Floaty Head Jer will grow a mustache? Maybe UD and Claude could debate the merits of facial hair. (Mostly for dudes, I'd think, but it's your discussion.) I'm reminded that the FNGL, which I read every night before bed* (get yours today!**), clearly states that guys should shave and women should not. Different parts, we're talking here. I'm already starting to question the wisdom of the Guide, so any extra guidance would be appreciated.

*Lie. It's IN BED, baby.
**No lie at all.
# posted by Anonymous Laurabelle : 10:48 AM est  

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